by Eyes Wired Shut

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This is a sickness that eats me alive,
digesting my insides, consuming my mind.
Feeling too distant to disarm or decide,
I leave myself here to die, a wasted fucking life.

I am imbalanced and ashamed that I don't give a fuck!
My blackened future is so clear to me now.
A pointless investment in what I should have become,
I have no problem putting my temple to the gun.

A fucking wasted life. A filthy, useless mind.
You see the hatred my eyes?
There's no escape from what I love to despise.

I am the plague that I struggle to detain.
Even my lifeless body reeks of my shame.

Lose yourself at the sight of blood.
Expose your hatred for those you claim to love.
Feed demon, feed.

I am the death of my unconscious mind,
so I feel nothing and leave nothing behind.
I was the sick! I was the blind!
Now I'm the demon that met his time.

In an open grave, my body welcomes decay,
and to this fucking day, I lay soaked in my own shame.

You're a wasted fucking life. A filthy, useless mind.


released June 5, 2014
Recorded, Engineered and Produced at Pasquarella Studios by Randy Pasquarella.



all rights reserved


Eyes Wired Shut New York


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