Vermis Victus EP

by Eyes Wired Shut

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released January 25, 2013



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Eyes Wired Shut New York


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Track Name: Deception
I will rip the faith from your heart,
for I have seen through their lies!

He will remain void of power,
and your reason for sacrifice!

What kind of visionary hides his face?
What kind of messiah hides from grace?
How do I believe in nothingness?
Why should I fight for what I don't understand?

I fell to my knees and prayed;
you never fucking answered me!

I decay! Left to rot...
Track Name: The Obituary Contract
By your own flaws, the bullet gets tossed!
You should have thought before you fucking spoke!
Now there's a dead man, the blood is on your hands,
and your gun is pedaling the mother fucking smoke!

Oh yeah! You've shot that nine for the last fucking time!
Now there's a dead man and he will be laid to rest
with all your hopes and dreams, antagonist!

You've got one more chance to hide the facts
before you sign this contract!

Are you opposed?
Careless bitch!
You fucking careless bitch!

Let me show you how it's going to be;
you'll sign this contract then you'll follow me...

to your deathbed, bitch!

You're only half dead you shit!
This is a contract you cannot void...
(you cannot void)

Every ounce of innocence has left you!

Show me a fight; show me you want this;
show me you want to be relieved
of your own demise!

Fight me with bare fists; I'll show you what war is!
Track Name: Dethroned
Bow your heads before me,
in blinded submission!

I enslave; I detain...
the common tyrannical reign of filth!
(everyone is enslaved)
Exerting dominance;
suppressing the doubt!

You want change now?
I fucking brought it!
Eliminating your rights!
(where are your rights)

How can you be dissatisfied,
when I was chosen by you?

You thought you had nothing to lose!
My fabrications have led you wrong!


It's only a matter of time before you realize
what has become of you!
The flesh has rotted away
exposing the beast that is here to stay!
Someone must put an end to this madness!

You're an enemy on your own soil...
I will oversee it all!
I will oversee it all!
I will fucking oversee it all!

Rise! Overthrow revolution!


You fucking coward stand up!
Take your best fucking shot!
De-fucking-throne me!
Track Name: Subconscious Mechanism
This Is putrid existence!

We pose an image of obliteration,
stifled by feelings we hate to endure!
Let me in on this passage as I learn to adjust
to a lack of emotion, and an absence of trust!

We are the subject that feeds us our guilt!
We brought the fire that caused all the life here to wilt!

And we will never find our home
of peace that we have been searching for!

Stifle your weakness!
Execute the mother fucker that built you!
Bow to your weakness!
Accept the fact that you have no heart!

Unbeknownst, I lose my center of orientation!
By this pledge, I live a life I will surely deconstruct!

Putrid disgust leaves such an absence of trust!

Fuck your morals, fuck your lust!
This is the end and you're out of luck!
Give me the lock, 'cause I hold the key;
bitch, there's no one better than me!

And I will never speak another word
until this mother fucker is dead,
and this mother fucker is roasting his head!

Sorry! Are you angry?
I just can't put up with your bullshit,
you coward; you're just like me!

I am a subconscious mechanism, whoa!
Track Name: Chemically Composed
Wretchedness weighs down upon your fragile being,
but you can't feel a fucking thing!
Indulgence in prescription paralysis; awake but immobile!

All made possible by sedatives;
suppressed and silent!
What's worse than pain?
Elimination of pain itself!

No longer seeing (no longer feeling)
what is important (what is important).

Your eyes are open, but nothing inside you functions!

All there is is a state of nothingness!
Chemical induced nothingness!

Senses immobilized!
Your time is up!
Your body lies on the ground!

You remain in your chemical character;
sink deeper, grow further!

Indulgence has left you feeling alone!
Now live out your false reality...

sink deeper, grow further!

Indulgence has left you feeling alone!
No remnants of human life!

You are only chemically composed!
Track Name: Vermis Victus
You're only food for the worms!
Now I awaken, no longer do I need a motive!

Actions spawned of habitual mutilation,
void of any fucking remorse!

Perpetuated desire to disfigure;
sever the flesh, tear you limb from limb!

How eager am I to dismantle your being!
Hacked apart; torn into pieces!
You will be purged of your immoral filth;
it's my turn to play God.

It's my turn to dictate!
It's my turn to reconstruct!
Beg your creator for mercy!
He will leave you in the dust!
Leave you in the dust!

Miscreation! Annihilation!
Your sanctuary awaits you amidst the soil!

Consumed by the earth;
that's how your end is met!
Where is your savior now?
Where is he now?

It's my turn to dictate!
It's my turn to reconstruct!

Dead man! Dead man!

Consumed by the earth;
that's how your end is met!
Where is your savior now?
You're only food for the worms!